Exhibitions > 2020 "Various Dynasties" CFEVA, Philadelphia PA

Matthew Courtney’s sculpture humorously mixes his love of sports and popular culture with a deep knowledge of the history of art and ceramics. He applies his training as an industrial designer to a playfully transgressive approach to the medium of clay. His current sculpture is heavily influenced by his three artist residencies in Lanzhou China, where he was invited to explore the material and visual culture of Gansu province.

This work was completed during the artist’s Visual Artist Fellowship, a two-year incubation program that is key in CFEVA's commitment to fostering artistic excellence and furthering its mission to help visual artists build sustainable careers. Artists are selected for this program annually by an independent Board of Artistic Advisors based on the merit of their artwork, demonstrated ability to reach stated goals, and a clear vision for the next level in their professional practice. Learn more about this fellowship and other CFEVA programs here. Studio Photographs by John Carlano